96cues firing system

96 cues firing system,remote control system,wireless control, 500M remote control + sequential fire+ rapid fire,DBR02-X24/96

  • Item No.:: DB240d-96
  • Packing:: 1set
  • Factory Price: : $430-$450
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Volume: 0.05

Product detail

 Products Application:fireworks, mines, stage effects, party, elecbration, ceremony, New Year, Christmas.

The 96cues firing system has the following character:


DB240D-96 is 96cues wireless control firing system include four pieces 24 channels wireless firing system and one set 240cues  remote control transmitter 
The 24 groups firing system  has the following character:
1.Power source:there is rechargable battery.                   
2.Firing Capacity: 5pcs in parallel, 10pcs in series.
3.Remote control scope is 500m. Each set has the separately remote control panle to use.
4. There is district mark and time mark to match the transmitter. In rapid fire, it can set from 0.1s to 9.9second.


The 24cues  receiver:

24cues receiver-2.jpg


The mainframe  has rapid firing function, it divide into two area "1-12",  "13-24" . the time can be from 0.1s tp 9.9s.  It has rechargable battery inside.
There is district mark to match receiver. It can control at mot 10pcs  24cues receiver.



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