Fireworks empty paper shells,fireworks accessories

fireworks display shells material, empty paper shells, display shells, fireworks accessories

  • Item No.:: MS005
  • Size: : 4inch
  • Packing:: 400set/carton
  • Factory Price: : $60
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Volume: 0.12

Product detail

 Products Application:fireworks, mines, stage effects, party, elecbration, ceremony, New Year, Christmas.

We supply high quality empty paper shells include sphere shape and cylinder shape.

The available size is from 1inch to 16inch.


The paper shells products list is as following:


Art No.Art NameCarton Packing
MS001Inner Size:   28mm,30mm,34mm,36mm,37mm,39mm,40mm, 41mm, 42mm4000/1
MS0022" Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)2000/1
MS0032.5" Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)1000/1
MS0043" Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)750/1
MS0054" Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)400/1
MS0065" Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)200/1
MS0076" Yellow Paper Shells(4 layers)100/1
MS0088" Yellow Paper Shells(4 layers)50/1
MS00910" Yellow Paper Shells(5 layers)25/1
MS01012" Yellow Paper Shells(5 layers)20/1
MS01237mm, 40mm,41mm Cylindrucal shells(2 layers)2000/1
MS0132.5" Cylindrical Yellow Paper Shells(2 layers)1500/1
MS0143" Cylindrical Yellow Paper Shells(2 layers)800/1
MS0154" Cylindrical Yellow Paper Shells(2 layers)500/1
MS0165" Cylindrical Yellow Paper Shells(3 layers)125/1
MS0176" Cylindrical Yellow Paper Shells(3layers)125/1


paper shells3.jpg


small cylinder shells2.jpg


makde paper shells.jpg

paper shells all.jpg

paper shells packing.jpg



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