2inch 15shots fireworks racks, roman candle, fireworks racks

fireworks racks, roman candle rack, aluminum racks, 2inch racks

  • Item No.:: DS048
  • Size: : 2inch
  • Packing:: 1set
  • Factory Price: : $56
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Volume: 0.023

Product detail

 Products Application:fireworks, mines, stage effects, party, elecbration, ceremony, New Year, Christmas.

The 15shots aluminum racks has the following character:

1. 15tubes for each set, three sets can combine to a bridge. 

 2.You can set the angle for each tube in requriement, there is angle remark on surface.

3. There is inner clip to fix the tubes.

4. Innner Diameter is 61mm, outside diameter is: 66mm.

There is inner clip to fix tube, it is suitable for the tube from 1inch to 2inch,

the products can be roman candle, mine, single shot stage fountain and so on:


15s roman candle.jpg



Three pieces racks can combine to a bridge:

rack bridge.jpg

roman candle racks.jpg

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