stage fountain wedding indoor fireworks stage sepcial effects device showven sparkular machine

new style smokeless and smellless stage fountain indoor fireworks wedding stage sepcial effects device showven sparkular machine

  • Item No.:: BT02
  • Packing:: one host console+6pcs sparkular machine into flightcase
  • Factory Price: : $7500
  • Payment:: T/T
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Volume: 0.45m3

Product detail

 Products Application:fireworks, mines, stage effects, party, elecbration, ceremony, New Year, Christmas.

entertainment party wedding stage special effects machine indoor stage fountain smokeless and smelless sparkular machine

The new sparkular machine is the most advanced stage special effects device, include 6unit rceivers and 1 unit host console, DMX512 cables 50m 5pcs 6m cables in a flight case, DMX512 Output,at most connect 1000m distance,five control styles:Synchronization,center to ends,ends to center,left to right,right to left. 


Sparkular Set connection form:

sparkular set.jpg



1. The Host console:

The Host controller is an intelligent system specially designed for our sparkler machine ,

multi-effects and remote control , so as to realize the simulation and demonstration of

multi dynamic effects.

Standard DMX512 signal output, supports 1000m communication line at maximum and

could control 18 Sparkulars simultaneously.

Integrated five standard effects mode: synchronization, center to ends,ends to center, left

to right , right to left. As well as a user-defined special effects mode.  Host controller can

monitor the status of each receiver, ensure a safe and confident show.

Built-in lithium battery, not limited to environmental power supply.



Dimension 390 x 300 x 110 mm

Weight 3.5 kg

Input 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Work Power 15W

Work Temp. -1 0 "C- 50 "C

Maximum allowable cascade 18units


console panel.jpgsuitcase.jpg


2.  Sparkler Machine receiver: 

Sparkler Machine receiver is the first cold spark fountain machine, adopting brand-new

control system and standard DMX Control to realize multiple stage special effects.

As a brand new stage effects, receiver thoroughly changed the drawbacks on traditional

cold fireworks such as danger material, environmental pollution, restricted for use etc. It

lead the new direction of future stage effects products, possesses 

Following advantages:

Safety, without dangerous material; Environmental friendly, no smoke and odor;Intelligent

and digitalized; Recyclable with low consumption; Easy operation and user friendly; Easy

installation; Convenient transportation,can be transported by air express.



 Item No.:GT01

Size: 200 x 215 x 285 mm

Weight: 8.5 kg

Input:220 V AC/110V AC, 50/60 Hz

Work Power:400W

Work Temp.:-1 0 "C-50 "C

Fountain Height:1.0-5.0 m ( self defined )

Fountain Direction:Vertical


Double DMX input interfaces,

double AC power interfaces


machine top.jpg


sparkler machine.jpg


3. Material:

Composite Ti for stage effect,consumptive material of the sparkler machine. 

Certified by China Quality Supervision& Testing Center for Fireworks safe products;

Classified as "not restricted, as per special provision A3" by DGM, so it can be delivered

by air, by sea and truck etc;Composite Ti is vacuum packed by aluminum foil bag with

long shelf life.

machine back .jpg

 Sense touch to recharge emit time by card, at most 30minutes each time:



Model: HC8200

Effect Silver

Time 10-20min

Storage Temp. -20 'C-70 'C

Package:  200gram/bag,12 bags/box, 12 boxes/carton, 

Certificate RoHS, Security certificate 

Material box packing: Each bag match one time card

sparkular machine material.jpg



4. Packing:

Machine packing:


Material Packing:

material packing.jpg

5. Transport:

The sparkular machine have flight case packing, it is no problem for long tem transfer, we mainly choose DHL, fedex, ups and so on express. The material has got the ROHS certification, it also has passed the Identification and Classification report for air transport of Goods, it is common safe goods by air cargo. Express is no problem to any countries.


6. Effects:








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