stage effects equipment, stage fountain, firing system, indoor fireworks, pyrotechnics

  • Item No.:: JSE033-8
  • Packing:: 1SET
  • Factory Price: : $410-$420
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Volume: 0.05

Product detail

 Products Application:fireworks, mines, stage effects, party, elecbration, ceremony, New Year, Christmas.

The stage special effects equipment have the following character:


  1. 1200cues console eight  pieces 8 cues receivers.   Input 4 pieces 1.5V battery in receiver.

  2.  wireless control. 

  3. 1200 cues console can control at most 1200cues.  the console can igniter from left to right, from right to left in set time, salvo fire, step fire and so on



 shape firing system-2.jpg





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